The first serious studies of testosterone were carried out in 1935, when it was possible to produce its partial synthesis and establish its structure.

Testosterone is indeed one of the most active and significant hormones among other hormones that are produced in the male body. It regulates development

Testosterone also affects the female body due to the fact that even a relatively low level of this hormone is sufficient for an adequate sexual response, since women are more sensitive to testosterone.

Low testosterone is dangerous not only for middle aged men. Joint research

Numerous studies have shown that maintaining testosterone levels at normal levels is not necessary with medications. It can be done right

High testosterone levels are just as dangerous as low ones. First of all, it influences

Testosterone has a special place in the life of athletes, especially bodybuilders. This is due to the fact that the growth of muscle mass by 70% depends on the level of testosterone: the lower it is, the slower muscle growth is gained. Athletes take special supplements and synthetic analogs of the hormone, which often negatively affects health, because such experiments with the endocrine system and hormonal background cannot be safely performed without the supervision of a doctor.

Quite naturally, the question may arise, is additional testosterone capable of leading to the normalization of a man’s sexual function? When the synthetic analogue of the drug was just withdrawn, it was prescribed to almost any man with problems. This article was written according to the men’s health medical website ahealthyman