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Compatibility of prostate adenoma and alcohol

Compatibility of prostate adenoma and alcohol.

Prostate adenoma is often found in older men, it causes the appearance of negative symptoms of the lower urinary tract. The prevalence of adenoma increases after 40 years.

Genetics, diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the severity of the symptoms of the disease. Prostate adenoma goes hand in hand with metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction. The underlying cause of the disease may be an inflammatory process.

Lifestyle changes, including physical activity and diet, are fundamental in the fight against the disease. Prostate adenoma and alcohol consumption are compatible if the recommended doses of alcohol are observed.

Is it permissible to drink alcohol in the treatment of prostate adenoma?

A meta-analysis of 19 published studies involving more than 120,000 men demonstrated a link between alcohol consumption and the development of prostate adenoma

Researchers have found that moderate alcohol consumption in prostatitis and prostate adenoma reduces the severity of negative symptoms by 35%. At the same time, there were complaints about the functioning of the bladder and urethra.

A meta-analysis determined how alcohol affects prostate adenoma. The consumption of alcoholic beverages at the level of 30-50 g per day affects the balance of androgens, reducing the concentration of testosterone in the plasma. This leads to a decrease in the severity of symptoms of prostate adenoma. An increase in the daily dose of alcohol does not improve the prognosis and course of the disease.

Interaction of alcohol and drugs for the treatment of prostate adenoma

Alcohol in the presence of prostate adenoma may interact with medications prescribed by a urologist, reduce the bioavailability of the drug, its concentration in the blood or cause side effects.

For the treatment of prostate hyperplasia, 3 groups of medications are used:

  • alpha blockers;
  • phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors;
  • 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

The combination of alcohol with taking alpha blockers, such as tamsulosin and silodosin, may increase the risk of orthostatic hypotension. Patients have a very low blood pressure, there are cases of fainting when getting up.

Patients will complain of headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, and the doctor will establish a slowing of the pulse, heart rate. The described effects may appear at the start of therapy, when increasing the dose or resuming treatment after a forced pause. The described situations prohibit the intake of any alcohol.

Tadalafil, a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor used in erectile dysfunction, is also approved for the treatment of prostate adenoma, in combination with alcohol can have an additive effect to lower blood pressure, more details about tadalafil and other drugs can be read here.

Patients taking PDE-5 inhibitors complain of:

  • dizziness;
  • fainting;
  • hot flashes;
  • headache;
  • palpitations.

These effects may be more noticeable at the initial stage of therapy. Alcohol consumption should be avoided during treatment with tadalafil.

5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, such as finasteride or dutasteride, block the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The latter is involved in the development of adenoma. According to the instructions, these drugs do not interact with alcohol.

Patients taking medications for the treatment of adenoma should consult with their doctor regarding the possibility of drinking alcoholic beverages, determining a safe daily dose.

Drinking wine

Dozens of studies have examined the effects of wine consumption and, in particular, its component resveratrol, and the cardiovascular and reproductive systems. Most of the studies are positive with moderate consumption of this alcoholic beverage. Red wine contains more resveratrol, about 0.2 – 5.8 mg/l, than white.

In California, a study was conducted that included 84,000 healthy male volunteers on the effect of a variety of alcoholic beverages and their combined use on the risk of prostate cancer. It was found that with moderate consumption, wine is not associated with the risk of this disease.

Doctors recommend not to exceed the daily dose of alcohol above two units. For wine, this is about 200 ml.

Reception of strong alcoholic beverages

In a study conducted by the Harvard School, data on alcohol consumption and its impact on prostate health were evaluated. It has been found that the intake of strong alcoholic beverages significantly increases the risk of prostate cancer. Data obtained between 1988 and 1993 prove that men who drink are 61-67% more at risk of developing prostate cancer than non-drinkers.

A later California study found that there was no connection between strong alcohol and prostate cancer, provided that no more than 50 g of such alcohol was consumed per day.

Having rather contradictory data regarding 40-degree alcohol, doctors recommend that when choosing between strong alcohol and wine, lean in favor of the latter.

Beer consumption

In December 2016, a study conducted by oncourologist Pierre Karakevich was published with the participation of about 4,000 men with an average age of 64 years. In it, the author shares the observation that many men suffering from late-stage prostate cancer consumed beer in large doses.

Karakevich and his co-authors use a variable called the years of beer consumption, that is, the average amount consumed per day multiplied by the number of years of consumption. The risk of prostate cancer does not increase in men who do not exceed the permitted dose of beer. It is 500 ml per day.

With an increase in the amount of this type of alcohol consumed, the risk of prostate cancer also increases. For example, for a person who starts drinking at the age of 18, drinks more than 500 ml of beer every day, the risk of prostate cancer appears at the age of 65. If he drinks more than 750 ml of beer a day, the risk arises at the age of 50.

What can and cannot be done with prostate adenoma?

It is possible to consume alcohol in moderation, except in cases of direct contraindications specified in the instructions for the drug.

The concept of alcohol unit is used to calculate the safe amount. This is due to the fact that different types of alcoholic beverages contain different amounts of ethanol.

For men, it is safe to take up to four alcoholic units per day, provided that consumption is no more than four days a week. That is, in seven days – no more than 16 alcoholic units. It is forbidden to combine all sixteen doses in one day.

One unit for different types of alcoholic beverages:

  • cider (4.5%) – 282 ml;
  • beer (5.2%) – 244 ml;
  • wine (12%) – 106 ml;
  • spirits (40%) – 32 ml.

It is important to understand that absolutely safe alcohol does not exist, because the use is addictive.

Consequences of alcohol intake for men’s health

To study the relationship between the use of alcoholic beverages, the severity of symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia, profiles of reproductive hormones, a large-scale study was conducted in China. More than 4.5 thousand men took part in it.

A cross-sectional study found that a lower value of free prostate specific antigen (PSA) and the ratio of free PSA to total is observed in men who regularly consume alcohol. The subjects who drank in the past also had a lower level of free PSA than non-drinkers in general.

This cancer marker is organ-specific, that is, an increase in its concentration in the blood indicates prostate disease. 30% of men with elevated PSA were diagnosed with prostate cancer during a subsequent diagnostic biopsy. An increase in PSA levels also indicates the presence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Alcohol disrupts the profile of male sex hormones:

  • luteinizing;
  • free testosterone;
  • sex hormone binding globulin;
  • estradiol.

The level of the first three substances decreases, and estradiol increases.

The study confirmed that alcohol in reasonable doses does not have an obvious effect on the symptoms of adenoma.

A diet that improves prostate function

A diet rich in certain vitamins and minerals preserves prostate health, reduces the risk of adenoma.

Products that improve the condition of the prostate:

  • sesame seeds;
  • salmon;
  • bell pepper;
  • tomatoes;
  • avocado;
  • broccoli;
  • tofu.

Overweight leads to the development of metabolic syndrome, which is a risk factor for the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia. A proper balanced diet will help not only to reduce weight, but also the risk of developing prostate disease.

Diagnosis of adenoma

Diagnosis of prostatic hyperplasia begins with collecting anamnesis and interviewing the patient using a special questionnaire, including seven questions. The questionnaire, or the International Prostate Symptoms Assessment Scale (I-PSS), provides a subjective assessment of a man’s health status.

To obtain an objective picture, the following are used:

  • finger examination of the rectum;
  • laboratory tests;
  • instrumental examination.

Palpation of the prostate gland during a finger examination of the rectum allows you to determine the size, density, symmetry of the gland and its soreness when pressed.

How to stay a healthy man after 40 years

How to stay a healthy man after 40 years.

The years after 40 can be the best years of your life. Think about how fast time passes after 30 years.

All the wisdom you have gained, the people you have met, and the experience you have gained in your life cannot be exchanged for anything else. However, the reality is that whether you like it or not, certain changes occur in your body with age. For example, your hormonal background begins to change. And you notice that the exercises that you easily performed at the age of 20 are already a little tedious for you.

Don’t worry! Much better years are ahead of you. You want to live these years with as few problems as possible, right? When you replace some unhealthy habits with healthy ones, you will take the first step towards this goal.

It is necessary to make some changes in your lifestyle, taking into account the health risks and preventing certain situations. You can make sure that your life at the age of 40-50 years is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

How can you describe the condition of a healthy man? Quote c :”A healthy man is a man with excellent physical shape, capable of procreation, possessing strong mental and physiological health”

American medical dictionaries decipher it this way – “a state of good physical and mental health as a result of proper nutrition, physical activity and healthy habits.”

The health of a man after 40 years depends on how much by this age he managed to keep the functions of vital organs in the right tone, how well all the body systems are balanced, and, of course, on the general mood of life.

We are preparing a guidebook that will accompany you on this journey. Our book “Man 40 plus” will be released very soon. In this book you will find answers to questions such as: “How a man should live after 40 years, how to eat right, how to exercise.” More details can be found here.

The best generics to increase potency

The best generics to increase potency

Every man knows that drugs to increase potency are quite expensive, so not everyone can afford to use them, even people with average financial income. It is not surprising that information about what generics exist to increase potency is very important, and a large number of people are interested in it.

Generics – what is it?

First, it is necessary to discuss information about what generics (analogues) are, because by definition they are medicines with proven biological and therapeutic efficacy, which is completely identical to the original. Accordingly, such a definition is called a drug that has the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but does not have a unique and (importantly, expensive) patent protection.

They may differ from the original medicine in the composition of excipients, and they usually appear on the market only after the expiration of patent protection for the original, but you definitely should not be afraid of their use. To learn more about drugs for potency, follow this link.

Important! A necessary requirement for the sale of this group of medicines is their proven pharmaceutical effectiveness, which is revealed in the code of research and clinical trials, therefore, it is not worth worrying that generics for increasing potency in men may be less effective than their originals.

The price of analogues is significantly lower than for original drugs, but they do not differ from the original drugs in terms of effectiveness and safety, because they are produced exclusively in strict accordance with established regulations and quality standards.

The most expensive drug for potency

The history of the creation of “Viagra” is known to almost everyone, but it is worth recalling once again that it appeared during tests conducted by the world-famous Pfizer company on the heart drug Sildenafil. Studies have helped to identify its “side” effect – a beneficial effect on male potency, and further research has allowed us to make a real revolution in the treatment of sex pathology, since a drug that enhances erection and gives hope to many married couples for a full sexual life has appeared on the market. This is how the famous “Viagra” appeared, which today brings the manufacturer billions of dollars in profit for the year of implementation. Even today, Viagra remains a very expensive drug in this group of medicines, so it is not surprising that some time after its creation, official, but cheaper generic pills for potency appeared.

They have been on the market since 2003 and the main analogues of “Viagra” include Cialis, released by the American corporation Eli Lilly, and Levitra, created in 2005 by the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Further, analogues of erectile enhancement products began to appear in India, South Korea, China and the USA. Ready-made technologies have made it possible to reduce the cost of these medicines to a minimum cost and make a “high-quality sex life” much more accessible to millions of people.

The most effective generics for potency

  • Avanafil (appeared on the market in 2012 and is included in the popular rating of generics for potentials, quite deservedly). It contains the active substance of the same name (avanafil), and the effect is due to increased blood flow to the penis and maintaining an erection at a consistently high level. The main difference between this drug and other analogues is a quick effect, because it begins to feel 15 minutes after taking it, so you can use it even in the most unexpected situations when there is no possibility for a long foreplay or other ways of setting up intimacy.
  • Suhagra (Silagra) is a new generation of improved Viagra drugs. The action starts after 30 minutes, the duration of the effect lasts up to 5 or more hours. Allows you to solve problems with erectile dysfunction over time, and is made in India by Cipla.
  • Tadalafil (an analogue of the drug Cialis) is available for purchase in a large range of dosages in many pharmacies. The drug is officially allowed to be dispensed only by prescription, although many pharmacies sell it freely. It is produced by an Indian company and is very cheap, which makes it practically indispensable in the market of generics for the potency of men.
  • Kamagra is an analogue of Viagra, which completely repeats its mechanism of action, the time of onset of the effect and its duration, respectively, in the presence of sexual arousal, an erection occurs after 40-60 minutes, and repeated sexual acts are possible within the next 4-6 hours. In addition to the tablet form, it is also available in the form of gel and absorbable lozenges. Separately, it should be said that there is also a Super Kamagra – a double-acting drug, in addition to sildenafil, the tablet contains dapoxetine. The combination of the two active substances significantly enhances erection and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation (produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma).
  • Vimax – appeared on the market in 2001 in Canada and since then its popularity has only been increasing. The medicine is allowed for use by representatives of the stronger sex with hypertension and cardiopathy and is absolutely not dangerous for patients, because it contains only natural components. Clinical trials conducted by the manufacturer indicate that with the daily use of this drug after about two weeks, the patient’s libido and sexual stamina noticeably increase.
  • When discussing the best generics to increase potency, it is necessary to discuss this drug separately, because it can be used to combat sexual impotence in various ways – once or for course treatment (the course should be prescribed only by a doctor). The peculiarity of the drug is that it significantly reduces the time needed to restore the body after ejaculation, and the action of the generic begins after 30 minutes.
  • Levitra – has an effect on the smooth muscles of the penis in the area of the cavernous body, promotes their relaxation and normalization of blood circulation, and blood flow to the genital organ. The drug is active for 5 hours, but even after this time, vardenafil (the active ingredient of the composition) still remains in the blood and continues to act.

Their cost is much lower than that of the original drugs, so a person with almost any level of wealth can afford such a purchase.

Such drugs include Majix Staff – a means of Tibetan medicine that increases potency and significantly improves the quality of sexual relations. It has proven to be a very powerful drug that has no side effects. And it works for several days. Like “Viagra”, “works” only in the presence of sexual arousal. Approximately the same effect is possessed by ORGASEX capsules, which are very convenient to use, and Sealex Forte, which has proven itself as a means of eliminating premature ejaculation. However, it is still better to choose the official generic drugs for potency, and not biologically active additives that have not passed clinical trials.

As a conclusion, it should be said that the use of analogues in medical practice is of great social importance, since it makes treatment accessible to a wide range of the population. For example, in America today, according to recent statistical studies, more than 60% of all prescribed medicines are precisely analogues of original drugs.

Neurogenic erectile dysfunction

Neurogenic erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition characterized by the inability to achieve and/or maintain a high-quality erection to perform a full-fledged sexual intercourse. In most cases, we are talking about a disease or a complex of disorders in which the problem with erection is concomitant. In particular, according to the publication, 10% of patients are diagnosed with neurogenic erectile dysfunction associated with neurological disorders: central, peripheral or mixed.

Causes of occurrence

The main provoking factors are spinal cord injuries, diabetic neuropathy and conditions after radical surgical interventions in the pelvic organs. Also among the common reasons:

  • degenerative processes of intervertebral discs;
  • infectious, tumor lesions of the spinal cord;
  • syringomyelia;
  • transverse myelitis;
  • injuries, brain tumors;
  • cerebral insufficiency;
  • multiple sclerosis.

Characteristic symptoms

If erectile dysfunction has an organic nature, then a typical manifestation is the gradual extinction of sexual activity. With problems of psychological etiology, the situation is more complicated, since difficulties arise immediately before or during sexual intercourse. At the same time, a man retains a morning erection and, as a rule, the ability of self-satisfaction.

It is necessary to consult a urologist for consultation if the following signs are observed:

  • accelerated ejaculation;
  • lack of erection in the morning;
  • inability to cause a persistent erection during masturbation;
  • slowing down the onset of an erection or its complete absence, even with strong arousal.

The main manifestations of neurogenic ED

The severity of the problem can be either insignificant or serious, up to the complete impossibility of performing sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction always leads to mental disorders. The man is constantly in a bad mood, a state of irritability and nervousness. He avoids intimate contacts in every possible way, feeling insecure about his own capabilities, which leads to an increase in stress, prolonged depression and the development of mental disorders.

Consultation with a urologist or andrologist is necessary for:

  • decrease in number, complete disappearance of spontaneous erections;
  • loss of elasticity of the penis in an excited state;
  • inability to perform full-fledged sexual acts with orgasm and ejaculation;
  • the appearance of the need to additionally stimulate the penis to insert it into the vagina;
  • insufficient intensity of erection;
  • decreased ability to perform repeated sexual acts during the day.

Features of therapy

Treatment of neurogenic erectile dysfunction is aimed at eliminating its main causes. The complex of measures and the duration of the therapeutic course are determined individually. A significant improvement in the condition and restoration of sexual function in this form of ED is achieved in more than 80% of cases. If concomitant organic pathologies are detected, medication or surgical treatment is prescribed. Therapy is carried out in stages, in accordance with the nature and scope of the diagnosed disorders.

It allows you to eliminate:

  • vagoinsular, sympathetic-adrenal pathologies;
  • psychoemotional disorders;
  • androgen deficiency;
  • peripheral polyneuropathy;
  • consequences of traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries;
  • formations in the prostate gland and/or rectum (gentle nerve-sparing operations are performed).

Drug therapy

They affect the root cause of the disease, allowing you to eliminate the pathological process or minimize its manifestations. In particular, MC specialists have access to biologics that:

  • affect the pathogenesis of ED;
  • restore the functionality and conductivity of nerve fibers;
  • reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease;
  • normalize autonomic control over the nerve centers involved in the regulation of copulatory function;
  • improve the psycho-emotional state.

Shock wave therapy (UHT)

UVT has been used in urology for many years, but this technique has become available to the average patient relatively recently. Due to the favorable effect of acoustic waves on the vessels, it demonstrates a high result in the treatment of ED. Thus, blood circulation in the penis and pelvis is stimulated, which gives a noticeable effect after 1-3 procedures.

Among the main advantages of UVT:

  • almost complete absence of contraindications;
  • good patient tolerance;
  • pronounced stimulation of metabolic and regenerative processes;
  • active growth of new cells and expansion of the circulatory network;
  • resorption of fibrous structures;
  • absence of unpleasant and painful sensations;
  • the ability to reduce the drug load or completely refuse to take medications;
  • no side effects;
  • achieving a stable result when completing a full course;
  • the possibility of avoiding surgical intervention.

It should be remembered that timely seeking medical help is a key factor in the treatment of ED, because pathological processes are much easier to reverse at the initial stages of the disease.


The first serious studies of testosterone were carried out in 1935, when it was possible to produce its partial synthesis and establish its structure.

Testosterone is indeed one of the most active and significant hormones among other hormones that are produced in the male body. It regulates development

Testosterone also affects the female body due to the fact that even a relatively low level of this hormone is sufficient for an adequate sexual response, since women are more sensitive to testosterone.

Low testosterone is dangerous not only for middle aged men. Joint research

Numerous studies have shown that maintaining testosterone levels at normal levels is not necessary with medications. It can be done right

High testosterone levels are just as dangerous as low ones. First of all, it influences

Testosterone has a special place in the life of athletes, especially bodybuilders. This is due to the fact that the growth of muscle mass by 70% depends on the level of testosterone: the lower it is, the slower muscle growth is gained. Athletes take special supplements and synthetic analogs of the hormone, which often negatively affects health, because such experiments with the endocrine system and hormonal background cannot be safely performed without the supervision of a doctor.

Quite naturally, the question may arise, is additional testosterone capable of leading to the normalization of a man’s sexual function? When the synthetic analogue of the drug was just withdrawn, it was prescribed to almost any man with problems. This article was written according to the men’s health medical website ahealthyman