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Photos of Animals

The world is full of people who have a deep respect for any animal creature, whether it is a human, a cat or a dog. These photos can make you feel better, to feel that you are not completely alone in this world. Have you ever wondered why?

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Is seeing cats outside enough to make you feel happy? No. Cats can’t make you feel happy. Because when you see a pack of cats starving in front of you, all your instincts tell you to run home and save them from starving to death, and people follow that impulse.

These are the instincts that tell us, “Don’t touch them,” when we see a cat trying to catch its prey. If an animal dies of hunger and thirst and lies motionless, we may think of it as a member of the animal world worthy of our compassion and admiration, but in essence it is just another living creature destined to die.

Our feelings are truly deep only for those animals that are consciously trying to survive and striving to survive.

All of our animal instincts can be called altruistic to one degree or another. But even animals that we can love who have owners are usually trying to live on their own and struggle to survive. And this means that all our animal emotions are mixed with fear and rage.

In the first case, we feel like masters; in the second, we feel like an object not deserving of compassion. In both cases, these emotions are negative.

Our animal emotions have a powerful effect on our perception of ourselves. Perhaps this is why some people like to go fishing or to the gym; they are unable to see the world as it is unless dominated by animal emotions.

This is why some Asian and American people, like drug addicts, are impressed with the idea that these animals create the laws of nature and they only obey them. It is the idea that humans are just like them, only with more emotions.

This means that while interacting with people who admire a strong animal spirit, you may feel a sense of satisfaction, and in a difficult situation you may say to yourself, “Yes, there’s something good about that.”

Moving on! Animals we like. Although we like many animals, there is a two-point list.